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PB Gelatins/PB Leiner is an established global player in gelatins and collagen. Our production sites are located in Asia, Europe, North America and South America. We supply a complete range of high quality gelatins and SOLUGEL® collagen peptides, and we tailor our solutions to our customers' applications. We were the first gelatin producer to introduce cold soluble gelatin products to the market and this saw us expand our range of specialties to offer a more convenient gelatin-based solution that provides significant advantages in terms of saving time, increasing flexibility and reducing cost-in-use. Our consistent quality and flexible approach is recognized worldwide and our considerable experience, which spans over 100 years, provides us with a profound understanding of our customers' businesses, which enables us to better support their needs. Our customers are experts in their fields and key players in the food, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, nutricosmetic, medical, photographic and technical industries. 

We offer a full range of high quality acid and alkaline gelatins and collagen - from pig skin to beef hide and bone - including SOLUGEL® collagen peptides, INSTAGEL® and CRYOGEL® cold soluble specialties and gelatin blends, as well as kosher and halal varieties. Our products are available in various mesh sizes, molecular weights and from low to high bloom. All of our products are clean label and made from natural raw materials derived from the meat industry. They are not chemically modified and are free of preservatives, non-allergenic, exempt from fat, cholesterol and carbohydrates, non-GMO, considered as a food ingredient in most countries, E number free and GRAS. Finally, they are produced from ISO, HACCP and EDQM certified factories. 


7001 Brady Street
United States


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